Greetings from the Postage Stamp

This is the true story of seven pets picked to live in an apartment. See what happens when pets stop being polite and start being real. Maximus and Dulce - Cats. Fritz and Sheldon - Hermit Crabs. Bianca and Luigi - Goldfish. Phoenix - Beta Fish.

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Is there an Early Warning System for Idiot?

Fritz and Sheldon, when I created the tsunami in your cage last night, I was just trying to create a layer of wet sand that you could burrow into when the weather was hot and dry. I did not intend to turn your happy crabby shack into a half inch deep sandy rice paddy. I realize that you are a strictly air-breathing species of crab and flooding is a very unpleasant way of being woken up. I hope all the sand and gravel I've added to lift you and your belongs to dry ground rectifies the situation. If it makes you poor guys feel any better, I wrenched my back moving all that wet sand and gravel around. Karma is on your side.

Sincerest apologies,

Friday, January 21, 2005

Meet Phoenix!

Phoenix Augusto Fanucci

Species - Beta Fish

Description - Bright red. "I'm told that I look like the flames people paint on the side of a cool car."

Activities - "I'm VERY active, I like flitting around my tank and doing flips. I eat A LOT of food to maintain my energy level, and I go crazy for freeze-dried bloodworms."

Favorite Spot - "I'm very happy on the bar, because then I can see the kitchen and the living room. I like a view."

"I'm having a lot of fun in my new tank, and today I hope to beat my time in the agility race I created between the pillars in my tank. Wish me luck!"

Meet the newest member of the Postage Stamp crew - Phoenix Augusto Fanucci! Posted by Hello

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Postage Stamp remember Caspian

Bianca - "He was a perfect gentlemen. He opened doors and carried heavy things for me. He always made me feel special."

Luigi - "I always enjoyed his Travel Notes. I took Bianca to Santa Fe at his suggestion and we had a great time. He also help me pronounce some foreign words I ran across in books."

Sheldon - "I will always miss our after dinner cigars together."

Fritz - "As a young crab he told me stories of his travels that captured my imagination. He was my hero."

Maximus - "He and I were an unstoppable team at games like Charades, Pictionary and Taboo. I'll miss that."

Dulce - "I didn't know him long, but when I first arrived, it was Caspian who coaxed me out from under the bed and convinced me that I was safe here."

Curious Weather Phenomenon by Sheldon

Summer came early to the Postage Stamp. Last night temps rose to 102 degrees. OFL has some strange explanation involving a thing called a heater, but being Californians, we know not of which she speaks. In the spirit of the (apparent) season we will be having a tofu BBQ at two this afternoon. Bring your swimsuit and your favorite flavor of popcicle.

Monday, January 03, 2005

A loss for the Postage Stamp.

I'm sad to report that as the New Year dawned, Caspian Luca Irving passed away. I shall always miss his little face, his bubbling blowing when he wanted attention, and his adorable little yawns. He kept me company in the lobby, and many employees came to wave at him when they needed a lift. After that he retired to the Postage Stamp on my dressing table. Every morning he waved a flipper at me, and every evening we chatted while he ate his dinner.
He was buried in the Postage Stamp front window box, next to the lilies and under a small stone etched with a cross.
I think he is now in some little pond in heaven, with a good plant to lean on.
-Valancy Jane