Greetings from the Postage Stamp

This is the true story of seven pets picked to live in an apartment. See what happens when pets stop being polite and start being real. Maximus and Dulce - Cats. Fritz and Sheldon - Hermit Crabs. Bianca and Luigi - Goldfish. Phoenix - Beta Fish.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

My living room. Posted by Hello

Myself in the bedroom mirror. Posted by Hello

Myself in a bathroom mirror. Posted by Hello

The bathroom mirror, reflecting me, the camera and my room. Posted by Hello

Luigi (orange, foreground) and Bianca (pinkish-white, background) reading a book. Posted by Hello

My pulpit/writing desk. Still haven't decided what color to paint it. Posted by Hello

Maximus, looking playful. Posted by Hello

Dulce, looking sweet. Posted by Hello

My bed. Posted by Hello

Pheonix checks out a rose from JR. Posted by Hello

View out my kitchen window. Posted by Hello